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5 Tips for Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataract surgery is a fairly routine and straightforward procedure, with patients leaving the office and returning home the same day as the operation. As with any surgical procedure, you may experience some side effects (such as drowsiness or blurred vision) following your surgery, but recovery tends to go smoothly. The majority of patients who undergo cataract surgery have positive results, and move forward with steadier and sharper vision. Following the guidelines we have detailed below will help your cataract surgery recovery to go as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

1) Avoid Any Strenuous Activity

Following any type of surgery, you need to put your normal daily routines on hold until you are fully recovered. Avoid partaking in any strenuous activity, such as lifting boxes or moving furniture, for a few weeks following your cataract surgery. This is to avoid any strain towards your body, and will help you avoid placing pressure on your eye. Allow for family members or close friends to help you with difficult tasks until you are fully recovered. It is also wise to avoid bending over for any fallen items or even to tie your shoelaces. Even bending over slightly can impact the healing of your eye.

2) Do Not Drive

On the day of your surgery and the days following, you should not be driving. On the day of your cataract procedure, be sure to bring a family member or close friend to drive you home. Taking this precaution will give your eye time to rest and fully heal.

3) Take Caution When Out and About

While your eye is healing, your vision may be affected. Your surgeon will most likely instruct you to keep your eye covered for at least a week after surgery, so you will need to get used to vision from only one eye. Be extra alert when walking around during the recovery period- it may even be helpful to bring along a friend when you go out so that there is an extra pair of eyes looking out for you. Also, avoid exposing your delicate eye to any irritants, including wind and dust, in the first few weeks following your cataract surgery. This will ensure maximum rehabilitation. It’s best to clean and dust your house prior to your cataract surgery.

4) Utilize Antibiotics

To ensure successful and swift healing of your eye, utilize anti-inflammatory eye drops and antibiotics per your doctor’s instructions. This will help you avoid infection and inflammation within your newly-sensitive eye. If you are too squeamish to administer the eye drops yourself, ask a family member or friend to assist you. Nonetheless, do not skip this vital step, as the prescribed remedy is the key to proper rehabilitation and healing of your eye.

5) Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

No matter how tempting it may be, avoid rubbing your affected eye following your cataract surgery. Of course, it is always recommended to never rub your eyes, but doing so following cataract surgery can dramatically affect the healing of the area. To avoid any complications or infection following your surgery, its best to leave the area alone for a while.

Cataract Surgery in New Jersey

If cataracts are disrupting your vision and your life, the expert ophthalmologists at Marano Eye Care are here to help you. We offer cataract surgery as well as a variety of other procedures to address a number of eye conditions. With offices in Livingston, Newark, and Denville, NJ, we are proud to offer our groundbreaking technology to help promote our patients’ eye health and improve their vision. To learn more about Marano Eye Care or to make an appointment, please contact us today!

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