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More than four million Americans experience chronic dry eyes. Though common, this irritating problem can make it difficult to drive, use a computer, or exercise. At Marano Eye Care, Matthew Marano Jr., MD, Edward Decker, MD, Sanjai Jalaj, MD, and the team diagnose and treat dry eyes in adults and teens. To schedule an appointment at the Denville, Livingston, or Newark, New Jersey, office, call to speak with a member of the administrative staff or book online today.

Dry Eyes Q & A

What are dry eyes?

Dry eyes is a common ocular health problem that occurs when your tear ducts don’t produce enough lubrication. Over time, that causes your eyes to sting and burn, making it difficult to see. 

Almost everyone experiences dry eyes on occasion, but if your symptoms persist for weeks or even months, it may point to a more serious underlying condition.

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

Common symptoms of dry eyes include:

  • Itchy, dry, or irritated eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Red or pink eyes
  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye fatigue
  • The feeling that something’s stuck in your eye

As dry eyes get worse, you might also find it difficult to drive at night.

What causes dry eyes?

Dry eyes occur for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes include the natural aging process, certain medical conditions, and eye allergies. You’re also more likely to experience dry eyes if you take prescription medication, have eyelid problems, or you have a vitamin A deficiency.

Is there any way to prevent dry eyes?

There’s no way to prevent dry eyes entirely, but you can significantly lower your risk. The team at Marano Eye Care recommends:

  • Increasing moisture levels with a humidifier
  • Taking frequent breaks when staring at a computer or TV screen
  • Quitting smoking
  • Using eye drops or artificial tears
  • Keeping air out of your eyes

If you regularly experience dry eyes, you might also benefit from wearing wraparound sunglasses or other types of protective eyewear whenever you go outside.

How are dry eyes diagnosed?

To diagnose dry eyes, the team at Marano Eye Care reviews your medical history, asks about your symptoms and lifestyle, and conducts a comprehensive eye exam. If these measures don’t provide enough information, they might also order additional tests to measure the quality or volume of your tears.

How are dry eyes treated?

Treatment for dry eyes depends on the underlying cause, the severity of your symptoms, and their effect on your quality of life. The team at Marano Eye Care offers several types of dry eye treatment, including prescription eye drops, extended, short-term, and silicone punctal plugs, and LipiFlow®.  

LipiFlow is an advanced treatment device that combines heat with physical massage to eliminate tear duct blockages. The procedure is quick, pain-free, and provides near-instant results.

To receive treatment for dry eyes, request a consultation at Marano Eye Care. Call the nearest location to speak with a member of the administrative staff or book online today.