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New Jersey Cataract Surgery


Dr. Marano is one of the most respected and experienced surgeons in the tri-state area. One of Dr. Marano’s specialties includes Cataract Surgery. Cataracts obstruct an individual’s vision and colors appear less vibrant and faded. A cataract clouds the lens of the eye creating difficulty for proper light absorption. Without this light reaching the retina, which sends images to the brain, your vision becomes blurred. This occurrence is part of the natural aging process and surgery is often the quickest and most effective solution to restoring vision. Marano Eye Care offers the dedicated expertise you need to undergo a successful surgery. Our eye care specialists conduct all surgical procedures with your quality of life as a top priority.

When Should You Consider Cataract Laser Surgery?

No matter what you do, you’re highly dependent upon your sight – and unfortunately there is no natural fix for cataract-obstructed vision. When your eyesight becomes blurry and distorted in any way, it may be time to consider surgery. Opting for cataract surgery at Marano Eye Care can help improve your vision and your ability to clearly enjoy the wonderful things that life has to offer.

Causes & Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataracts can develop in a few ways and consequently result in numerous recognizable symptoms.


While most cataracts are age-related, the following examples may be other causes of cataracts:

  • Steriod Use
  • Injury to the Eye
  • Birth Defects or Abnormal Conditions
  • Overexposure to Ultraviolet Light or Radiation
  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Diabetes


The symptoms that result from cataract development can include one or more of the following:

  • Cloudy or Distorted Vision
  • Vision Continues to Worsen
  • Glare and Light Sensitivity
  • Faded Colors
  • Visible Cloudy Film over the Eye Lens
  • Frequent Eyeglass Prescription Changes

How Blade-Less Laser Cataract Surgery Works

The goal of cataract surgery is to remove the old damaged lens and replace it with a specially selected intraocular lens for each patient. The blade-less Alcon LenSx Laser procedure first begins with a topical anesthetic before Dr. Marano begins to remove the cloudy lens from the eye. Once the affected lens is successfully removed, specifically calculated intraocular lenses will be inserted. The customized treatment is performed under a powerful microscope and is computer controlled to ensure maximum precision, accuracy and safety. The unique software creates high-resolution images of your eye, allowing the surgeon to design a highly customized surgical approach that is individualized for you. The eye care specialists at Marano Eye Care meticulously study the human eye and will apply the best possible treatment to restore your vision.

Eye Lens Implant Options

Since the natural lens of the eye will be removed during your surgery, you must select a lens that best suits your lifestyle. Marano Eye Care doctors & staff are among the most experiential experts in the tri-state area. They will aid you in lowering your reliance on glasses to attain clear vision. A single-focus lens implant is a popular choice as it is the standard selection and covered by insurance. Other lenses are available, such as multifocal and astigmatism focused lenses.

Cataract Surgery Recovery & Results in NJ

The newly inserted artificial lens improves the eye’s focus and restores clear vision. Today’s technology has made both the surgery and lens replacement safer than ever. After a successful cataract surgery, a patient can expect improvement in their 20/20 or 20/40 nearsighted and farsighted vision – both within legal driving limitations. Marano Eye Care utilizes these medical advances to conduct precise, safe and effective blade-free cataract surgery.

Low-Stress Cataract Surgery at Marano Eye Care

Marano Eye Care puts you first and offers the highest quality patient satisfaction. Allow us to walk you through the procedure, step by step, and customize it to your needs and preferences. Contact us at any of our practice locations to schedule an appointment today. To learn more about Marano Eye Care, take a look at our blog or discover all of the tests, procedures and conditions we provide and treat every day!

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