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New Jersey Eye Floaters Laser Treatment


Laser Treatment for Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are spots in your vision that may look like strings, cobwebs or black specks that float around when you move your eyes and dart away when you try to look at them straight on. Floaters are generally caused by changes in your eyes related to aging – with the vitreous gel (clear, jelly-like substance inside your eye) turning more into liquid. The gel in your eye is approximately 99 percent water and one percent solids elements. These solid elements lose their ability to retain water molecules as they age, damaging the vitreous gel. Small fibers within the vitreous gel eventually clump together and emit tiny shadows (floaters) on your retina.

Although eye floaters can be frustrating, they generally don’t require treatment if they’re not causing any problems. Most floaters go away on their own in time. However, if floaters are impairing your vision – you should consider seeing an eye doctor for treatment. At Marano Eye Care, we use Laser Floater Treatment (LFT) for eye floaters if they have been negatively interfering with your vision.

How Laser Floater Treatment Works

One of the best ways to get rid of eye floaters is through LFT. Previously, the only way to help get rid of damaging eye floaters was through invasive surgery to remove the vitreous. With LFT, your ophthalmologist will use a special laser aimed at the floaters in the vitreous gel, which can break them up non-invasively and make them less noticeable. The entire eye procedure is painless and requires little to no recovery time, improving your vision within a short time. At Marano Eye Care, we also conveniently offer LFT in-office at any of our three locations across Morris and Essex County, NJ so you won’t have to go far to get treatment.

Preparing for Your Next Eye Care Appointment

If you struggle with eye floaters and want to do something about it, have a conversation with one of our eye doctors. To go into your appointment prepared, try using these key tips to get the most out of the conversation:

  • Write down your symptoms
  • List out your questions for your doctor
  • List the medications you currently take
  • Write down what you expect your doctor might ask
  • Write down when the problem started and how severe it is

By preparing for your appointment, you will help your doctor decide what treatment is right for you, improving your odds of your eye floaters getting taken care of with a customized plan.

Laser Treatment for Floaters in the Eyes in NJ

Please contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our offices today for more information about our Laser Floater Treatment or other services. Our goal is to make you informed about your treatment options and to help keep your eyes healthy and strong.

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