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Nerve Fiber Analysis Test


At Marano Eye Care, our team of experienced professionals trust the innovative technique of Nerve Fiber Analysis to diagnose and prevent the symptoms of glaucoma prior to the effect of irreversible damage. The condition of glaucoma occurs when the nerve that connects the eye to the brain is damaged, which can subsequently lead to blindness. Prior to the use of Nerve Fiber Analysis, doctors were unable to diagnose glaucoma using visual field testing unless a significant amount of damage had affected the optic nerve and loss of vision was already present. Nerve Fiber Analysis is an invaluable tool used by our ophthalmologists at Marano Eye Care, as this technology helps us protect the health of your eye through early detection and treatment so you can maintain healthy vision long-term. At our offices in Livingston, Newark, and Denville, New Jersey, we are proud to offer our patients comprehensive Nerve Fiber Analysis examinations.

How Nerve Fiber Analysis Works

Through Nerve Fiber Analysis, your ophthalmologist can effectively measure the thickness of the nerve layer located at the back of the eye, which can indicate the presence of glaucoma, and can also help to determine how far the disease has progressed. As the thickness of the nerve fiber layer is a more subtle sign of glaucoma, the ability to measure this region of the eye enables doctors to stay ahead of your condition and begin treatment before too much damage has occurred. During Nerve Fiber Analysis, a scan of the nerve is done to either measure the delay in reflection of light from the retina or to observe the retina‚Äôs surface and optic nerve, which enables your ophthalmologist to determine the thickness of the nerve layer. 

What to Expect from Nerve Fiber Analysis

Nerve Fiber Analysis is an incredibly effective method for determining whether or not glaucoma is beginning to develop, prior to the occurrence of vision loss to any extent. Lasting only a few seconds, Nerve Fiber Analysis testing is a quick procedure, which is both incredibly safe and can be performed several times, if needed. Before the procedure begins, your eye doctor will have you place your chin in a support position with your eyes held up to the Nerve Fiber Analysis device. A scan of the nerve similar to taking a photo will then collect a detailed image of the back of the eye to assess any damage to the optic nerve. As there is no need to dilate the pupils in order to carry out this procedure, patients are not required to take any additional precautions following Nerve Fiber Analysis, such as wearing protective eyewear or waiting for their vision to go back to normal after the test.

Be Proactive About Your Eye Health at Marano Eye Care

At Marano Eye Care, our team is proud to utilize a variety of innovative diagnostic and treatment methods in order to efficiently address any eye condition you may be suffering from. As one of the top-rated ophthalmology groups in northern New Jersey, we strive to promote healthy vision for all of our patients, through comprehensive eye testing and procedures tailored to you. If you or someone you know may be suffering from glaucoma, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how we can help you and promote healthy vision for the rest of your life.

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