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New Jersey Fundus Photography Eye Test


As one of the top-rated ophthalmology groups in northern New Jersey, Marano Eye Care is proud to offer services, tests, and treatments meant to promote positive eye health, all year long. Our practice offers a variety of procedures and tests, from complete eye exams to cataract surgery, and we at Marano Eye Care are proud to provide eye testing via Fundus Photography. This imaging technology enables our ophthalmology professionals to create a comprehensive timeline of the back of your eyes, including areas such as your optic nerve, optic disc, fovea, retina, and other areas. Once this information is evaluated, you’ll be on your way to a treatment plan tailored to your needs with the goal of improved eye health.

What is the Purpose of Fundus Photography? 

Fundus photography is an essential method of tracking eye health over time and alerting your eye doctor to any issues that may need to be addressed. Through this simple and painless process performed right in our office, our doctors can effectively pinpoint, evaluate, and track any abnormalities in this portion of the eye. Once these issues are identified, treatment can be planned so that your vision is not affected. Fundus photography is also used to measure the therapeutic effect of recent eye surgery and to track the progression of certain diseases that affect the eyes. This simple process can be used to identify macular degeneration, retinal neoplasms, choroid disturbances, and diabetic retinopathy.

How Does Fundus Photography Work?

When you visit one of our offices for a comprehensive test utilizing fundus photography, you can expect a short visit in which a medical imaging camera will be used to create either a photographic or digital series of images of the back of your eye. These images are later added to your patient eye care records, which will enable your doctor to not only determine any underlying conditions in this region of the eye, but also to track your progress throughout the course of your prescribed treatment. Through the use of this convenient technology, our professionals will be able to accurately diagnose (and then treat) your condition, repairing your visual relationship with the world around you! 

What to Expect During Your Visit

Before your eyes are checked with fundus photography, they will need to be dilated. Once the eyes are fully dilated and the patient is comfortable, the face is stabilized with a positioning device so that the chin and forehead are aligned, which ensures clear and readable photographs. The patient will then stare at a designated point in front of them, and a series of flashes will occur as the photographs are taken.

Be Proactive About Your Eye Health at Marano Eye Care

At Marano Eye Care, we are proud to offer you and your family a range of non-invasive, yet comprehensive tests to determine the initial health status of your eyes, as well as the best treatment plan for you. We will work with you to determine what exactly is causing the vision problems you are experiencing, and then begin treatment so you can get back to living your healthiest and most comfortable life. To learn more about our services and mission at Marano Eye Care, or to schedule an appointment at one of our offices in LivingstonNewark, or Denville, NJ, please contact us today. 

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