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Covid-19 Precautionary Steps/Protocols

Your health and safety will always come first here at Marano Eyecare Center. The key message to patients is we are here for you, we want to protect you and your families and our workforce by not having unnecessary exposure.
May 11th, 2020

6 Causes of Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity is also known as photophobia, which is a common condition that causes individuals to experience discomfort or eye pain when exposed to light.
Apr 29th, 2019

5 Eye Mistakes to Avoid

Eye Mistakes That Will Damage Your Eye Health. Our eyes tend to be something we take for granted until there is an issue with their health or our vision. Eye health is a critical part of maintaining good vision and overall health throughout your life.
Mar 19th, 2019

5 Tips for Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataract surgery is a fairly routine and straightforward procedure, with patients leaving the office and returning home the same day as the operation.
Mar 19th, 2019

4 Things You Need to Know About Your Child’s Eyesight

Keeping our children safe, healthy, and happy is one of the ultimate goals as a parent. Whether it’s bundling them up in the winter, lathering them with sunscreen in the summer, or reminding them for the millionth time to look both ways before crossing...
Jan 3rd, 2019

5 Habits That Are Hurting Your Eyes

Our eyesight is one of our most important senses – they allow us to visually experience the world, gaze upon our loved ones, and perform daily tasks.
Nov 19th, 2018

How to Take Care of Your Eyes Daily

Everyone should visit their optometrist every one to two years for a regular dilated eye exam. With more and more business industries adapting to digital platforms, there is a rise in concern for subsequent eye problems that may occur as a result of...
Oct 19th, 2018

Can You Get LASIK if You Have Astigmatism?

The Relationship Between LASIK and Astigmatism LASIK surgery is one of the most misunderstood procedures. Couple that confusion with the constant misconceptions about astigmatism,...
Sep 18th, 2018

6 Foods that are Good for the Eyes

Just like the rest of your body, your eyes need care and consideration in order for them to stay healthy. Vitamins and nutrients are what keep your eyes in working order, but many people do not consider...
Aug 22nd, 2018

7 Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes in the Summer

Dry Eye Disease is a condition that affects an estimated 48% of Americans today. When our eyes cannot produce an adequate amount of tears to lubricate the eyes properly, it can be extremely uncomfortable.
Jun 28th, 2018

How Do I Choose the Right Cataract Surgeon Near Me?

People always like to say, “the fog has lifted” in a metaphorical sense, but for individuals with cataracts, removing the fog from their vision can be life-changing. Cataracts are a clouding, or opacity, of the lens resting behind the pupil.
Nov 28th, 2017

Why Do People Have Different Colored Eyes?

The eyes are a magical part of the body. While the concept of how the body bends its fingers or digests food are fairly easy to understand, the idea that these moist little spheres are capable of sight is remarkable.
Jul 26th, 2017

Assessing the Risks of LASIK and Touch-Ups

At Marano Eye Care, the mission is simple: provide our patients with the best vision possible, free of pain and discomfort, through the best techniques that ophthalmology has to offer in New Jersey.
Jul 12th, 2017

2017 Summer Eye Care Tips

Marano Eye Care previously recommended tips to care for your eyes during the summer, but it felt like time for a follow up. During the summer, eyes have a variety of risk factors, making it imperative to take protective measures.
Jul 12th, 2017

Is Juvederm Right For You?

Considering Juvederm Treatments in NJ There comes a time when someone looks in the mirror one day and realizes the reflection no longer matches the youth still inside.
Jun 1st, 2017

Common Genetic Eye Conditions You Should Know

Our genetics and DNA are magical things that help determine physical traits, such as your mother’s eye color or your father’s nose. Genetics and DNA also combine the mental prowess of our parents, allowing us to be similar to them yet wholly unique.
Jun 1st, 2017

Uses of Epinephrine in Ophthalmology

When the average individual hears epinephrine they likely think about energy pills and drinks that were summarily banned in the past decade.
May 3rd, 2017

A Closer Look at Eye Care for Children

Parents have a lot to consider when it comes to the health of their kids, and that includes their eyes! Marano Eye Care has taken the time to put together a fun guide of stats, facts,...
May 3rd, 2017

8 Questions to Ask Before Eye Surgery

The ability to see is an amazing and indispensable trait of our lives. The eyes are the window to our world. But unfortunately, few people’s eyes are perfect and fewer still will go through life unscathed.
Mar 30th, 2017

What to Expect from an A Scan or B Scan

About A Scan and B Scan Tests Has your eyesight been frustrating you recently? Not being able to see clearly will do that. Our eye can suffer from many common eye conditions and to discern what’s wrong, ophthalmologists and optometrists have various tests
Mar 30th, 2017

Spring Allergies in New Jersey

Eye Related Allergens in New Jersey This Spring Spring in New Jersey might be the most beautiful time in the Garden State, especially in northern counties such as Morris and Essex County.
Feb 23rd, 2017

Vision Solutions for Athletes

How to Improve and Protect Your Eyesight During Sports Are you having trouble catching, hitting, or tracking the action? In sports, having good vision is crucial.
Feb 23rd, 2017

6 Health Conditions that Also Affect the Eyes

These Medical Conditions Might Impact the Eyes The eyes are the ultimate gateway to the rest of the world. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your eyes stay healthy and your vision stays clear
Feb 3rd, 2017

9 Rare Eye Conditions

Unusual Eye Conditions You Didn’t Know About In any medical field, there are always going to be certain medical conditions that we see on a daily basis.
Feb 3rd, 2017

Winter Eye Care Tips

Winter Eye Conditions Care of the eyes always varies from person to person. But when you live in Livingston, Cedar Knolls, Denville or Newark, New Jersey, the biting cold of the winter can wreak havoc on people’s eyes that even require minimal care.
Dec 28th, 2016

Why Winter is Better Without Contacts or Glasses

How Winter Affects Your Eyes Winter is a season of harsh juxtaposition. The lifeless-seeming hibernation of nature is both stoic and minimal in its beauty, and any signs of life are amplified in their prominence.
Dec 28th, 2016

Child’s First Eye Exam

Scheduling Your Child’s First Eye Exam As a new parent, you may be wondering when to schedule your child’s first eye exam. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), infants should have their first complete eye exam at six months of age.
Sep 12th, 2016

Are there Risks with LASIK?

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Safe? Millions of Americans are less dependent on their contact lenses and glasses thanks to LASIK eye surgery.
Sep 12th, 2016

Fall Allergies in NJ

Seasonal Allergies in New Jersey As the leaves start to change and the days become shorter, red, itchy and watery eyes are just around the corner.
Sep 12th, 2016

Back to School with LASIK

While New Year’s Day may signify a new year, the back to school season is full of feelings of rebirth and revival.
Aug 31st, 2016

Is My Vision Getting Worse?

Even if you have had perfect vision your entire life, many people in their early to mid-40s begin to develop eye and vision problems. This is because your eyes are constantly changing over time.
Aug 31st, 2016

5 Eye Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Vision Problems to Never Ignore Eye problems can be extremely dangerous if they go unnoticed. However, most people put off having their eyes examined unless they see a change in their vision or need to get new a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses.
Jul 12th, 2016

Cataracts 101: What They Are and How to Deal

Have you noticed recently that your vision has become foggy, or that you’re having trouble seeing at night? You could be developing cataracts. If you’re not familiar with cataracts, here’s everything you need to know about this eye condition.
Jul 12th, 2016

9 Foods that Contribute to Eye Health

Food that Improves Your Eyesight Your eyes rely on you to consume the nutrients they need to stay healthy, like vitamins A and C, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants.
Jun 21st, 2016

Protecting Your Eyes This Summer

How to Protect Your Eyes this Summer. UV ray exposure slowly damages the eyes and puts you at risk for macular degeneration, cataracts, and other serious eye conditions.
Jun 21st, 2016

Recovering from Lasik

LASIK Recovery Tips Unlike most surgeries, patients recovering from LASIK eye surgery are typically pleased with their results and the short time frame it takes to make a full recovery.
May 27th, 2016

4 Reasons You Should Get LASIK

Each one of our five senses are extremely important to us, which is why when just one sense is impaired it can be difficult to adjust.
May 27th, 2016

Pterygium: What you Need to Know

Pterygium is a common eye condition affecting more than 3 million people each year. Noticing symptoms of Pterygium, a growth of pink fleshy tissue on the white of the eye, may be alarming.
May 27th, 2016

Effectiveness of LASIK Eye Surgery

How LASIK Eye Surgery Works. Many people struggle with their eyesight for a number of reasons. It could be hereditary, meaning you were born with poor eye sight,...
May 27th, 2016

Get Checked! The Importance of Yearly Eye Exams

Most people get their yearly doctor’s appointments, but many neglect their eyes. A comprehensive eye exam is vital to ensure the health and wellness of one of your most important senses – vision!
Apr 19th, 2016

Dealing With Dry Eyes

Healthy eyes rely on the natural lubrication from tears to maintain comfort. Those that suffer from dry eyes often have inadequate tear production, causing discomfort and sensitivity. At Marano Eye Care, we have several tips for reducing your...
Apr 19th, 2016

5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Eyeglass Prescription

You’ve had your glasses for years, and you still think you can see perfectly clear out of them after all this time. Although you think you may be able to see just fine, there could be changes in your vision that you haven’t even noticed.
Mar 15th, 2016

6 Ways to Deal with Spring Allergies

Get ready for itchy, red and watery eyes this spring. Thanks to these seasonal allergies, our eyes become inflamed from an allergic reaction to substances like mold, dander and other airborne allergens.
Mar 15th, 2016

The Cost of LASIK Comparison

LASIK is the permanent vision correction treatment for common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Although millions of Americans have had LASIK, there are still millions more that choose to rely on glasses and...
Oct 12th, 2015

The Best BBQ Recipes for Your Eye Health

Incorporating eye-healthy foods into your diet is of the easiest things you can do to take care of your eye health. May is Healthy Vision Month. This is a reminder that by making your eye health a priority, you can maintain healthy eyes and...
Jul 1st, 2015

How to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

The importance of protecting your eyes from the sun is often overlooked. Although sunglasses are a fashionable accessory, they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that have the potential to sunburn your eyes.
May 26th, 2015

Cataract Treatment 101 at Marano Eye Care

Did you know that cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in the world? In 2020, cataracts will affect an estimate of 30 million Americans. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent cataracts from developing. However, there is a way to treat...
Apr 20th, 2015

Insight Newsletter

The following is an excerpt from the September 11, 2014 edition of The Star-Ledger: “Clarity close at hand for cataract patients” by Susan Bloom.
Mar 3rd, 2015