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Get Checked! The Importance of Yearly Eye Exams

Most people get their yearly doctor’s appointments, but many neglect their eyes. A comprehensive eye exam is vital to ensure the health and wellness of one of your most important senses – vision! Are you wondering why you need to go each year for an eye exam? It might help to know what is checked for in a complete eye exam.

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1. Updates to Your Prescription

The most common need for an annual eye exam is to see if your vision has changed within the past year. It is very common for eyes to change, especially as we age. If you have an outdated prescription, you may be experiencing frequent headaches. Most people don’t even realize their prescription needs to be updated because the change in vision is so gradual. Your eye doctor will compare your current prescription to your new one, allowing you to see the change for yourself!

2. Eye Diseases

Eye diseases such as Glaucoma and Diabetic Eye Disease don’t show many symptoms early on. These diseases can cause permanent vision loss if not appropriately treated or if detected too late. During an annual eye exam, your doctor will look for early signs of disease so that immediate action can be taken.

3. Other Diseases

Did you know that they eyes often show signs of other disease in the body, before you experience symptoms? Your doctor can detect systemic diseases and conditions when examining the retina, blood vessels, and other structures of the eye. Your doctor may also be able to detect if you are developing liver issues, high blood pressure, and even high cholesterol.

4. Amblyopia

Amblyopia tends to occur in early childhood, which is another important reason for young children to see the eye doctor annually. This common eye condition occurs when the nerve pathways between the eye and the brain are not properly stimulated. This causes problems with vision, “wandering eye”, and/or poor depth perception. Your eye doctor will be able to detect and diagnose amblyopia so that a treatment regiment can begin.

Your eyes are an extremely important part of your overall health. Everyone from young children to those old in age should see their eye doctor once a year for a comprehensive eye exam. Marano Eye Care proudly offers complete eye exams to new and existing patients. The top eye care in NJ is conveniently located in Livingston and Newark. Make your appointment at Marano Eye Care today!

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