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NJ Treatments For Dry Eye Syndrome


Relief for dry eyes may only begin after an accurate diagnosis from a certified physician specializing in the structure and conditions of the eye. Dry eye disease is diagnosed as an eye related ailment where inadequate lubrication and moisture occurs from inefficient tear production. Varying levels of irritation may occur in the form of blurred vision and increasing light sensitivity. For those suffering from dry eye disease, Marano Eye Care employs the use of cutting edge diagnostic eye exams to pinpoint the exact cause of your condition while applying only the most practical form of treatment.

Dry Eye Medical Device: True Tear

True Tear is a new method of dry eye disease treatment that has proven to yield incredible results. Its small, compact design makes storage and travel simple, so treatment can be applied at any time in any place. True Tear is safe, easy to use and comes with its very own mobile application that allows you to track from your personal device. The app will give you additional tips, information and refreshers on how to use the product.

How Does True Tear Work?

Safe and easy to use, True Tear targets tissues within the nose through a process called neurostimulation. By simulating real tears, the handheld device is inserted into the nose and stimulates nerve receptors to create natural eye lubrication in the tear glands. Marano Eye Care has fully embraced this non-invasive treatment method as one of our approaches for dry eye disease. We are one of the only practices in the area to offer this device. If you believe True Tear is right for you, we’d be more than happy to explain the process and walk you through everyday use.

Treating Dry Eyes Near You in New Jersey

If you or a loved one experiences symptoms of dry eyes or feel like you have become reliant on artificial tears, schedule an appointment at Marano Eye Care. Let Marano Eye Care provide an effective treatment plan to alleviate the condition. Our team understands that a proper diagnosis is the first step towards restoring proper eye function. As compassionate medical professionals, we will treat dry eyes with the highest level of care. Pairing our expertise with innovative technologies and medicinal advancements, patients will find a reliably effective solution to their eye conditions. To learn more about Marano Eye Care, please contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our three North Jersey locations in Livingston, Denville or Newark.

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