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Finding Frames to Complement Your Face

How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face

With endless frames to choose from, it can be hard to determine which eyeglasses will look best on you. Every face has its own unique features, so understanding which frames will flatter your face will make finding the perfect pair easy! Learn how to find your face shape and which frames will best complement your features with these helpful tips and tricks.

How to Find Your Face Shape

Knowing what your face shape is, is crucial to finding the perfect pair of glasses and can help you discover different style choices you never thought of trying before. Here are a few different ways to get started:

Look at Your Features

Relax your face and pull your hair back into a ponytail so that no hair is left on your face. Then, step in front of a mirror to examine all the angles of your face, including your hairline, cheeks and jaw line.

Outline Your Face

While standing in front of a mirror, use lipstick or a washable marker to outline your facial features. For more accurate results, take a picture of yourself and use your phone to find different applications where you can draw an outline of your face. Examine the shape of your reflection and find your match.

How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape

There are four different shapes that can categorize your overall facial features: oval, round, heart and square. After you’ve drawn an outline of your face, you need to find what face shape matches your features.


Oval faces are longer than they are wide, have balanced features, high cheekbones, a rounded jaw line and a chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead. With an oval face shape, you can wear just about any style of frames.

Frames to look for:

Wider frames best suit people with oval faces. Choosing wider frames with strong top lines will balance out your features, and help your face appear shorter and broader. You can also experiment with a variety of textures, colors and bold geometric or cat-eye shapes that will accentuate your best features.


Round faces are equal in length and width, have few angles, full cheeks, a rounded chin and look more like a circle. With a round face, you want to look for frames that add contrast to your face’s natural curves and avoid small, rounded frames that can further exaggerate the roundness of your face. By adding contrast, you can make your face look longer and make your eyes appear wider.

Frames to look for:

Lengthen your round face with striking rectangular shapes and thinner frames. Rectangular frames are great for rounded faces because their angular lines will sharpen your soft features and balance your overall face shape. Small and square frames are also suitable for round faces, because they create an illusion of a longer and slimmer face shape. Also, try on frames with bold prints, bright colors and other detailing to help add contrast and definition to your face.


A heart-shaped face features high cheekbones, a defined narrow chin and a wide forehead. With a heart-shaped face, the goal should be to look for frames that minimize the size of your forehead and broaden the appearance of your chin.

Frames to look for:

Look for frames that are wider than your forehead, have low-set temples and details on the lower half of the frames to balance out your pointed chin. Also, choose light color frames to soften your features.


Square faces have angular features, a wide forehead and a prominent jawline. If you have a square-face shape, you should pick frames with curving lines that will lengthen and soften your face, while complementing your angular features.

Frames to look for:

Round, oval and cat-eye frames will complement any square face. You can also try experimenting with thinner, semi-rimless frames that will work to balance out your distinguished jawline. Picking out frames in neutral colors can also make your face appear slimmer and softer.

Prescription Eyeglasses and Frames 

Once you’ve matched your face shape, you’ll be on your way to finding frames that match your features and suit your style. If you are still unsure of what face shape you are, the experts at Marano Eye Care can help. At Marano Eye Care, we can help you find the perfect glasses to complement your face and match your personal style. We can also perform a visual field test to make sure your vision is working correctly. Just contact us today for our expert eye care and advice!

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