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The Cost of LASIK Comparison

LASIK is the permanent vision correction treatment for common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Although millions of Americans have had LASIK, there are still millions more that choose to rely on glasses and contact lenses instead. By now you probably know at least one person that has undergone a laser vision correction procedure.

The cost of LASIK can scare many people away from even considering the procedure. While the upfront cost of clear vision may seem like a lot, it is actually significantly less than the lifetime commitment to glasses and/or contact lenses. Those who stick to glasses and contact lenses probably think that it is the most cost-effective option in the short-term. However, costs can quickly add up over the years.Use this cost calculator to find out how much contact lenses can cost you over a lifetime. It takes into consideration your age and the type of lenses you require because these factors directly affect the cost of your lenses. The results may surprise you! In fact, by saving on contact lenses it will only take a few years for the cost of LASIK to pay for itself.

The Cost of Glasses vs. LASIK

Keep in mind that the cost calculator doesn’t account for the cost of eyeglasses. This means if you wear glasses in addition to contact lenses, you will recover the cost of LASIK sooner than you think. The cost and maintenance of glasses can quickly add up. Glasses-wearers usually replace their glasses once every couple of years or if there is a significant change in their prescription. For those who like to have the latest and trendiest glasses, they may get new glasses more frequently or have multiple pairs. The cost for a complete pair of glasses includes the cost of your prescription and the cost of the frames. Frames can range in price, but of course designer frames are more expensive.

The Cost of Contact Lenses vs. LASIK

Contact lenses need to be replaced throughout the year. They can be expensive depending on your prescription and the type of lenses you require. In addition, if you’re a contact lens wearer then you know about buying solution and contact lens cases. Unfortunately, not only can contact lenses be expensive, but they can be extremely uncomfortable too. After all, you are putting a foreign object in your eye. For this reason, contact lens wearers have an increased risk for eye infections. Contact lenses are the least sanitary of all the corrective options for you eyes. If you are not the best at keeping up with the care and maintenance required to wear contact lenses, it may be time for you to consider LASIK.

The Cost of LASIK

There are a number of financing options and payment plans offered by LASIK centers across the country, making LASIK more affordable than ever before. However, the cost of LASIK should never get in the way ofhaving the clearest vision possible. Never having to rely on glasses or contact lenses again is truly priceless.Be cautious if you see a price advertised for LASIK that seems too good to be true because it probably is. It’s important to do some research before you decide to take the plunge. You want to ensure that you’re surgeon is experienced to lessen the risks involved in the procedure. It’s not worth taking a chance with something as precious as your eyes for the sake of saving some money.

LASIK with Marano Eye Care

At Marano Eye Care, we offer a range of vision correction procedures in two convenient locations in New Jersey. If you’re considering LASIK, contact us to book a free consultation and explore the possibilities for improving your vision. Our doctors will determine the procedure that best suits your individual needs! We combine the most advanced technology and surgical experience to ensure that your laser surgery is a success. We can help you determine what your insurance covers and find the best financing for your procedure.Are you ready for LASIK? We can’t wait to show you what life can be like without having to deal with the hassle of glasses or contact lenses again!

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