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How to Keep Glasses from Fogging Up in the Cold

Tips for Keeping Your Glasses Fog Free

For people with poor eyesight, glasses are a miracle of visual evoked potential. The fact that a glass lens can be customized to a person’s exact specifications allows approximately 60 percent of the world’s population to function more optimally and with less stress. But that doesn’t mean that glasses are stress-free. Glasses will smudge, get dirty and, worst of all, break with relative ease. In the winter, another common issue is a lens fogging up. This torturous process can drive a person up the wall, but Marano Eye Care is here to help! Here are our tips on how to keep your glasses free of fogging in the winter.

Don’t Leave Your Glasses in the Car

Before getting further into our tips for dealing with foggy glasses, it’s important to understand why this occurs. Foggy glasses are the result of the simple chemistry related to water. When gaseous water particles encounter a cold surface, those molecules begin to transition into a liquid form, or a phase change.

Because of this phase change, you’ll notice that eye glasses have a more dramatic fog when the temperatures are more drastically different between the items interacting. Your glasses will get much colder if left exposed in the car than if they are on your face or on your person. Therefore, the possibility of foggy glasses increases. Keep your glasses with you and you’ll reduce the number of sudden instances of glasses fogging.

Avoid Breathing Toward Your Glasses or Raising Them to Your Forehead

When it’s cold out yet you’re still perspiring, one of the easiest ways your glasses will fog up is if you rest them further up on your head. In cold weather, your perspiration will evaporate more aggressively. What contacts the lens is going to be a more concentrated level of moisture. A similar effect occurs with your breath. Exhaling toward your glasses at any point of the year will cause lenses to fog up to a degree, but the effect is more pronounced in the cold.

Buy an Anti-fog Paste or Spray for Your Glasses

These professional products are synthetic formulas that are optimized to create a protective film on your glasses. These also prevent debris and such from adhering to your lenses or plastic surfaces. Anti-fog products are inexpensive and can be used on a wide variety of transparent materials. Be forewarned, though, that these products might not work on your glasses if the lenses have a new anti-reflective coating.

Clean Your Glasses With Shaving Cream

In a pinch and without any sort of anti-fogging application? You might have one more freely available than you think in shaving cream. With any soap, it creates a protective film over the surface of a lens that repels moisture. The problem with most soaps, however, is that these products can obstruct the clarity of your eyeglasses on their own. That’s where the shaving cream comes in. Because it is so aerated, the cream will create a nice layer of film that’s thin enough to be non-obstructive. Goodbye fog! It may not be as effective as professional cleaners, but the results might surprise.

Get LASIK Eye Surgery at Marano Eye Center

What did you expect? The easiest way to avoid any problem with your glasses is to no longer need them. Except for losing a potential fashion accessory, the benefits of following through with a LASIK corrective eye procedure are huge! Wake up each day and see the world in focus. Never groan again from scratching a lens. And never suffer from foggy glasses again.

LASIK eye surgery is the most popular refractive eye surgery option available today. It can correct many common eye conditions and free you from the dependence of prescription lens and contacts. We love educating people about LASIK and the eye in general, so please stop by at any of our locations, in LivingstonDenville and Newark, New Jersey.

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