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Recovering from Lasik

LASIK Recovery Tips

Unlike most surgeries, patients recovering from LASIK eye surgery are typically pleased with their results and the short time frame it takes to make a full recovery. If you are nervous about the process or recovery period, then prepare to have that stress lifted off of your shoulders and, of course, your eyes. Here is some insight on recovering from LASIK surgery, courtesy of the LASIK experts at Marano Eye Care.

How Long is LASIK Recovery Time?

LASIK eye surgery patients will tell you that recovery time is very manageable. Many feel that their eyes return to normal the day after they have the surgery completed. Depending on the prescription that you need, you may experience improved eyesight immediately after the procedure is complete. Even for those who have a weaker vision prior to the procedure, it only takes about six to eight hours after the surgery to begin seeing remarkable results.

First Weeks After LASIK Surgery

Right after the LASIK procedure is complete, doctors typically have their patients rest for about 10-15 minutes. If the patient wants to, they can head home immediately after the surgery to begin the healing process as soon as possible. However, patients must have someone there to drive him or her home. When the surgery is complete, patients receive protection for their eyes in the form of sunglasses or other eyewear in order to keep the eyes safe. It is important that eye protection be worn constantly for at least a week to allow the eyes ample time to heal.

Use Numbing Eye Drops

During LASIK Eye Surgery, numbing eye drops are used to help patients cope with the pain that may be experienced during the procedure. That numbing wears off after about 30 minutes when the surgery is complete. If you feeling mild burning or an urge to itch your eyes, then more numbing eye drops will likely be administered. The most important thing to remember here is to not touch or rub your eyes because that may delay the healing process. Patients may experience normal symptoms like bloodshot eyes or red spots. Again, the best way to cope with these symptoms is to not rub your eyes. Instead, there are antibiotic, lubricating, and steroid drops that can be used to ease the pain based on your doctor’s instructions.

Listen to Your Doctor

File this one into the no-brainer folder if you want, but it is still important to bring up because not everyone does it. Your doctor knows best when it comes to your eyes, so it is important to work with the specialist to get your eyes back to normal following the surgery. Two days after the surgery, your doctor may want you to come back in to check the progress that your eyes have made. If the eyes are healing properly, patients are allowed to head back to work right away and return to their usual routines. One thing that will likely be stressed by your doctor is to lubricate your eyes even if they do not feel dry. Using the prescribed eye drops up to four times per day is important on the road to recovering from the surgery. Keeping your sunglasses and eye protection with you is important as well. Avoiding contact sports, whirlpools and hot tubs for a few months following the procedure will likely be advised. Following these instructions is crucial and will lead to you achieving that great eyesight you have always wanted.

Months after LASIK Surgery Recovery

The results of LASIK Eye Surgery can be instant, but the healing process could take a few months. That means your eyesight will continue to improve as your eyes heal from the procedure. Everyone heals differently, so the timetable will be different depending on the individual and the amount of repair done on their eyes. As long as you follow the advice of your doctor, your eyes will heal properly and your sight will be the clearest it has ever been, thanks to the advances of LASIK Eye Surgery!

LASIK Eye Surgery in New Jersey

If you are interested in achieving clear vision without the use of glasses or contacts, you may be a great candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery. Contact Marano Eye Care today to schedule a consultation.

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