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Cataract Treatment 101 at Marano Eye Care

Did you know that cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in the world? In 2020, cataracts will affect an estimate of 30 million Americans. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent cataracts from developing. However, there is a way to treat cataracts! If cataracts are not treated, symptoms will progressively worsen and may lead to vision loss.

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts are a painless, progressive clouding of the eye caused by protein build-up in the lens. There are three types of cataracts, mostly related to aging. Systemic diseases and environmental factors also play a role in the progression of cataracts. If you experience any cataract symptoms, it’s important to contact your optometrist before your vision gets worse. Common cataract symptoms include:

– Cloudy and/or blurry vision
– Double vision
– Sensitivity to light
– Seeing halos around lights

Although cataracts are known to develop at an older age, we are all vulnerable to developing it. However, taking proper precautions such as quitting smoking, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and simply wearing sunglasses can delay the progression of cataracts!

Cataract Treatment

Thanks to today’s technology, cataract surgery is one of the safest and most common surgeries performed in the United States. At Marano Eye Care we provide a customizable procedure with the LenSx laser, an innovative computer-controlled refractive cataract laser. This procedure is typically bladeless and allows for increased surgical precision so you are provided with the best results.
The surgery only takes approximately 15-20 minutes, and is performed using a mild anaesthetic and/or sedative, if needed. During the surgery, the clouded lens is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens, which will painlessly restore your vision. During this process, all you will see are bright lights and colors! Following the surgery, you may be asked to wear an eye-shield to protect your eye and may feel some discomfort and itchiness. Recovery time for cataract surgery is approximately one month.

Do you think you may need cataract surgery? Dr. Marano performs over 2,000 surgeries every year and is one of the most respected surgeons in New Jersey. If you’re considering cataract treatment, allow us to walk you through the procedure, step by step. Are you ready to see a life through clear lens again? We are located at two convenient locations in New Jersey and invite you to explore the possibilities of improving your vision. Contact us for a consultation!

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