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Effectiveness of LASIK Eye Surgery

How LASIK Eye Surgery Works

Many people struggle with their eyesight for a number of reasons. It could be hereditary, meaning you were born with poor eye sight, or you may have had an accident that hurt your eyesight. Other times, sight may be hindered because of age or a number of other factors. Now, because of the problems you have with your eyesight, you have been forced to wear glasses or contacts. LASIK eye surgery may be the solution that you have been looking for to fix your eyes for good. But you may be wondering, will LASIK work for me?

Effectiveness of LASIK Surgery

In just about all cases, LASIK eye surgery is extremely effective in improving eyesight, and many have been satisfied with the procedure. After one procedure, many experience great results and are able to enjoy the beauty of life without any assistance. This surgery allows doctors to fix the small details of the eye that cause vision imperfections, and requires very little downtime.

Vision Problems that LASIK Treats

LASIK surgery treats many different vision problems in patients. This procedure has been extremely effective in treating nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. LASIK surgery addresses these common vision problems that cause so many people to resort to contacts and glasses. Patients suffering with all of these vision issues can say goodbye to needing any additional assistance following LASIK.

Good Candidates for LASIK

Talking with your ophthalmologist is essential to determining if you are a good candidate for LASIK. If your eyeglasses or contacts prescriptions are still changing, it is recommended that you hold off on the procedure. People who have thin corneas may also not be good candidates for LASIK. Numerous steps are taken to ensure this surgery is the best way to improve your particular vision problems.

LASIK Risks to Consider

Many procedures have side effects, risks and possible limitations, and LASIK is no different. In very rare cases, significant loss of vision can occur with LASIK surgery. Along with the many possible side effects of the surgery, these cases can be attended to with further surgery or medical treatment. Choosing the right surgeon who is experienced with performing the surgery lowers the chance of these risks significantly. Each individual will have different associated risks, so it is important to speak with your ophthalmologist to weigh the options.

LASIK Eye Surgery Success Rates

At this point, the most important thing to you is seeing clearly without the assistance of glasses or contacts. Many patients experience improved eyesight of 20/20 vision or better after getting LASIK surgery. In addition, patients of LASIK experience a 90 percent success rate. Some people have not been able to see clearly for their entire life, but now can see perfectly without any aids because of this procedure.

Is LASIK Right for Me?

If you think LASIK eye surgery may be the answer to your vision problems, then contact Marano Eye Care to schedule a consultation.

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