For all medical issues or emergencies, please call our office directly at 973-322-0100.

Covid-19 Precautionary Steps/Protocols

woman wearing mask

Your health and safety will always come first here at Marano Eyecare Center. The key message to patients is we are here for you, we want to protect you and your families and our workforce by not having unnecessary exposure. We understand the impact that Covid-19 has made on each of us during this difficult time. Our practice will be taking preventive steps to limit the exposure to the COVID-19 in our communities and workforce while at the same time taking care of patients who continue to need routine care. The plan is to keep the office open to serve patients who need to come in to deal with medical conditions and therapeutic procedures. Therefore, beginning on Monday May 18th, we will be opening our phones to patients in order to schedule appointments for medical care to come in at a later date. We are not accepting any Walk Ins, and will be limiting office visits. We are not turning anyone away who has a need or desire to be seen at this time. We would like to offer Virtual consultations, specifically Telehealth, this will allow our doctors to triage patients without the risk of spreading the virus, and patients can get quick treatment for their symptoms. We want to raise awareness amongst our patients about why they need to be taking advantage of the technology at this time. As soon as we open our doors we will be adapting certain protocols that our employees and the patients will need to adhere to.

Physical distancing: We will be adapting our workplaces and making physical modifications to reduce population density and allow for the required physical distance between employees and patients. When being seen in our office, please refrain from bringing anyone with you. Before checking in, have ready your Medical Insurance Card and Driver License to be handed to our front desk.

Wellness checks: We will be implementing temperature checks and other measures to maintain safety around the perimeters of Marano Eye Care. We will ask you to avoid coming to our practice if you are feeling sick.

Protective wear: Wearing protective masks and regularly using hand sanitizer will be a new requirement within the office for patients and employees.

Enhanced cleaning and hygiene: Enhanced sanitization and deep cleaning protocols will continue for as long as necessary. We will ask our patients and employees to practice increased hygiene standards and “barrier gestures” such as washing hands more frequently, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth and changing how we greet each other.

We all share in the responsibility for keeping each other safe. Experts tell us the virus could be with us for some time. As such, we must adopt a new mindset and manage ourselves accordingly to keep our office safe for you and for others. We are planning to put in place extraordinary safety measures, but everyone in the Marano Eye Care office must support this mission by following the new protocols. Health and safety are everyone’s shared responsibility. We know we can count on all of you for this. We want everyone in our medical eye care to have continued confidence we will keep providing the best comprehensive, safe, and compassionate environment possible.

Please take care of yourselves and take care of each other during this difficult time.

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